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Whether you are trying to choose a desktop, a laptop or a webbook there are a vast number of different machines to choose from. Add the complexity of Office suites, anti-virus packages and email choices, and the decision becomes more difficult.

We will discuss what you intend to use the equipment for, and propose a solution that will suit your needs, not those of the salesman.

We can get desktop computers built to your agreed specification within 2 working days. We can usually get laptops in a day or so – if they’re cheaper at a local supplier we’ll tell you.

Whichever solution you go for, whether you get it from us or another supplier, we can advise you on programs to use, anti-virus solutions, etc. We can set these up for you, and take you through how to use and maintain them. We can provide training to help you get used to your new equipment.

We also sell monitors, keyboards, routers, cables, printers, etc. Give us a call.


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